The stones of Maison Biver

Our philosophy revolves around the use of stones as the beating heart of our watches. Like art, stones are unique and eternal. Born from the depths of the Earth, these stones act as a bridge linking the past and the future.


Mastering the invisible

At Biver, our mission is to master the invisible. Our watchmakers breathe a soul into every watch, by meticulously decorating and perfecting every millimeter of the watch, including the invisible parts. This strict attention to detail gives a soul to every one of our creations.



Our creations embody neoclassicism, offering a contemporary reinterpretation of a historic object. They fuse traditional aesthetics with modern functionality, redefining luxury as an experience that harmoniously unites past and present.

Biver, a story of transmission

Advancing towards a bright future requires a perfect knowledge of the past. This is the philosophy of Maison Biver: to build a bridge that links past, present and future through creations crafted for eternity.

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