A timeless creation

What fascinates and even obsesses mankind about Time? Since the very beginning, we have tried to interpret, understand and sometimes even master time. The watches of Jean-Claude Biver and Pierre Biver, both passionate collectors, have always embodied this duality: on the one hand, to show us that we are very much alive in this time; on the other, to indicate our own time, which is slowly passing.

The uniqueness of this carillon tourbillon minute repeater lies in the fact that it tells the time without the need to look at it. The idea is precisely to replace it with a genuine work of art and, in doing so, to enhance the value of the timepiece.

“Make me a minute repeater with no hands, no index. I want time to be MINE”.

Request from an artist friend to Jean-Claude Biver

An object of art

With stars made of Opal and a moon of Meteorite, this poetic sky materialized in silvered Obsidian levitates above a sea of 89 Sapphires, each different in size or weight. These Sapphires are skilfully set to reflect the natural movement of the waves. The time appears only through the hour hand on the back of the watch. It is blued by flame and by hand in JC Biver’s workshops, located in the brand’s magnificent old farmhouse halfway between Geneva and Lausanne. The Catharsis watch is a compendium of watchmaking culture for the enlightened connoisseur. Each element tells a story, creating a bridge between past, present and future. It is both a collector’s item and an objet d’art. Even the smallest components, including those that