Prototyping watchmaker

A skilled handyman from an early age, Daniel has always wanted to make something with his hands. In his spare time, he works as a wildlife photographer, an activity that requires great patience. He puts this patience to good use every day in our workshop, working around obstacles to achieve the desired result. What he holds dear is the art of mastering the invisible, the quest for excellence that enables him to sublimate each creation down to the smallest detail, even those that we can’t see. It’s a passion for craftsmanship that he shares every day with the other master watchmakers and decorators at the Maison.


Grand complication watchmaker

When Sandrine took tweezers in hand for the first time, she felt as if she’d put on boxing gloves. That’s what she likes so much about watchmaking, the meticulousness required to work each element, and the satisfaction felt after a delicate action has been successfully completed. Spending a lot of time on such meticulous operations and achieving the desired result brings her enormous joy. What she particularly appreciates is the attentiveness and good communication within our Maison, as well as the daily learning process, motivated by a constant desire to push back the limits of what is possible.


Mouvement decorator

Khaled, our movement decorator, is enjoying his greatest adventure. For him, the Maison Biver is like a family he’s happy to be reunited with every morning. He likes to take on challenges on a daily basis and push back the limits of the art of watchmaking, just as the creation of complex pieces such as the tourbillon carillon demands. It’s his hands that sublimate every detail of the movement, even the invisible ones, in a tireless quest for perfection.


Grand complication prototyping watchmaker

A minute repeater must have an impeccable, long and rich sound. As a musician, Mathieu finds the task of setting timbre frequencies fascinating. The tuning is complex and done by ear, but he appreciates this difficulty, even when the tastes and preferences of the end customer have to be taken into account. He knows that he has to make timepieces that will last for eternity and therefore must never stop. He must also work for a timepiece that can be repaired in the future, whatever the level of the watchmaker who will take it on.