An exceptional work of art

Presented in white gold, this masterpiece is a minute repeater whose case and dial are set with a magnificent variety of Sapphires totaling 30.52 carats in different shades. The meticulous placement of concave gems goes beyond simple gem-setting, it’s a sincere tribute to art. 

This carillon-style minute repeater features three hammers with three gongs. The automatic movement also features a platinum micro-rotor, with an engraved rose gold plate on top, the JCB seal guaranteeing a very high level of finishing for the movement, both in terms of quality and decoration.

The plate is circular-grained on both sides of the movement, while the bridges visible on the back of the movement are in white gold, with grained decoration on the top. The tourbillon is topped by a white gold bridge. The movement features 196 internal angles and 44 jewels. The power reserve is 72 hours.

We wanted the minute repeater to be the cornerstone of the brand. But above all, we wanted a design we could identify with. We wanted the movement to serve the aesthetic codes we had defined. A contemporary watch, inspired by tradition but representing both my father and me.

Pierre Biver

The sound of our Carillon

From a physical point of view, sound is a vibration. Sound triggers human emotions. And sound allows us to experience a watch with all our senses, while forgetting about time. Because sound is a vibration that can be likened to the world of emotions, it is through sound that the Biver adventure continues: a minute repeater. This marvellous and demanding complication, both useful and above all poetic, gives the watch a magnificent sound.

But how do you make a minute repeater, a mechanism invented in the 18th century, contemporary? We added a third hammer, giving the watch a new and different sound. This requires very fine adjustment of the tempo, in order for the sound to be just right and collectors to be attracted to these new sounds.