5 decades in watchmaking

  1. 1975

    Jean-Claude Biver began his carrer and found his passion for the watch world at AP.

  2. 1981

    Jean-Claude Biver purchased Blancpain, developing a new philosophy contrary to the thoughts of the industry and the significance of Quartz, which led to the manufacture of six mechanical masterpieces in ten years. These iconic references themselves pioneered haute horology for decades to follow.

  3. 1992

    Jean-Claude Biver joined the Swatch Group in the 1990s and took on a variety of responsibilities over the years, most notably at Omega, which he left in 2004 to embark on a new adventure.

  4. 2004

    In taking the helm at Hublot, Mr. Biver restored the brand to its former glory thanks to his visionary and innovative spirit. He perfected new techniques, including the development of scratch-resistant gold elements. When Hublot was sold to LVMH a few years later, Mr. Biver joined the group and its watch brands.

  5. 2023

    Jean-Claude and Pierre Biver opened a new chapter in haute horlogerie by creating the Maison Biver.


Where it all begins

The Biver’s house is located not far from the shores of Lake Geneva, in the small Swiss village of Givrins between Geneva and the Vallée de Joux. This three-storey farmhouse, built in the 1890s, hosts the workshops where our master watchmakers and decorators work every day.


Miracle hands

We call on the best craftsmen and conceptor to create every element of our creations. Together, our master watchmakers and these “miracle hands” strive to give Biver timepieces a soul.


A story of transmission

A true veteran of the watchmaking industry, Jean-Claude Biver has never stopped pushing the boundaries throughout his fifty-years career, and is now passing on his passion to his son, Pierre Biver. The father-son duo is opening a new chapter in haute horlogerie, with the ambition of presenting exceptional timepieces. A unique soul carved for eternity.

A soul carved for eternity

A watch is only as good as the soul it carries. Our master watchmakers work every day to breathe this soul into the heart of our creations. Objects of precision by nature, Biver watches are also objects of emotion. Each timepiece leaving our workshop bears witness to the past, present and future.
A timepiece of eternity.

Giving birth to the soul of the watch

Under the direction of a dynamic father-son duo and thanks to the expertise of our master watchmakers, we breathe a soul into every one of our creations.

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